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Nonprofits and businesses can enter to win an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audit for their organization. The results will provide the winner with a full technical report on the health of their website along with suggestions to improve any issues that may affect rankings.

Our SEO auditing services include a manual search for on-site and off-site issues. These issues may prevent your website from performing well in search results. We will also offer suggestions on how to repair those issues.

Websites Need Checkups Too!

Optimizing your website for search engines will increase your chances of appearing for relevant keywords and may catch user experience problems.

You will receive a manually created, unique, and customized report for your website that will include the following:

Onsite SEO Audit

  • Aesthetic: feedback on design/structural improvements to increase conversions or traffic
  • Analytics/Webmaster Tools: make sure both are implemented correctly
  • Anchor Text: ensure proper anchor text is being used for images and web links
  • Bots: full analysis to ensure bots can properly crawl your website
  • Broken Links: both internal and external
  • Errors: server errors such as 404 pages (page not found errors)
  • External Links: who are you linking out to
  • File Size: check code and file sizes for best practices for faster load time
  • Headings: review H1, H2, etc titles for proper optimization and keyword usage
  • Images: check for image size issues and alt text
  • Meta Descriptions: check for missing, duplicate, or length issues
  • Mobile: ensure your mobile website is working. This is extremely important for Google ranking in 2018.
  • Redirects: ensure that your site has permanent 301 redirects instead of temporary 302 redirects
  • Robot.text file: make sure proper pages are being indexed
  • Sitemaps: ensure sitemaps are properly formatted for search engines
  • SSL: ensure that your site is has an SSL Certificate installed. This is extremely important for credibility and for Google ranking
  • Title Tags: check for missing, duplicate, or length issues
  • URL Structure: length issues and dynamic URLs

Offsite SEO Audit

  • Inbound Followed Links: quantity and quality
  • Anchor Text: ensure ratios are good
  • Authority and Trust: see how trusted your website is
  • Social Media: mentions and visibility

Local SEO Audit

  • Review Analysis: see how trusted your website is
  • Location Landing Page: mentions and visibility

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