What’s the Difference Between a .com, .net and .org?

by | Mar 16, 2017

In The Beginning

The .com was created for commercial business, .net was to be used for sites that related to information networking or technology and the .org was intended for charities/non-profits. At the end of the day, there are no laws that categorize business site domain names, but popular vote says that .com still rules.

The three letters that appear after the dot “.” are called extensions and the top three .com, .net and .org are called Top Level Domains or TLDs.

According to research from Registrar Stats, 75% of domains have the “.com” extension, second is “.net” and third is “.org” While there are many successful websites with a “.net” and “.org”, your website will probably do better if it has a “.com” extension. We recommend coming up with a long list of possible domain names and checking first for the availability of a .com before getting too attached to any one of them. Remember, you are going to be using this name A LOT! Ask friends and family if they can spell, say and remember the top domain names on your list. Cross off any that cause a problem.


While there are also other variants to the basic TLDs including .biz, .info and even .pizza these domain names have not risen to the level of credibility as .com, therefore, they invite problems such as being marked as SPAM or worse, blocking you from your intended audience.

Protect and build your brand

Should you buy .com, .net and .org and different variations and misspelled versions of your domain name? In short, yes. This is because you don’t want any confusion between your business and someone else’s with a similar name or with a different extension (.net or .org). For those of you thinking you have to build a website for each of these alternate names, you can breathe freely. You don’t need to anything of the sort. You can simply direct any searches for the alternative to be sent to YOUR site.



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