Craig B Clawson

by | Oct 30, 2017

When Craig B. Clawson decided it was time to take his consultancy business beyond a phone number and an email address, he created a professional website and chose PickleShark to register his domain name.

Craig is a technology and communications strategist who also happens to co-host and produce a podcast for the Columbus, OH market spotlighting the people and events in the area who don’t necessarily get the attention they should by the mainstream media. “6pod4” is a weekly podcast that features interviews with the leaders of these under-recognized subculture movements that include everything from arts and sciences to festivals and listeners get to know who these people are who are blazing trails in Columbus and the impetus behind their passions.

A big fan of emerging and independent media, PickleShark web hosting service, was one of the first sponsors of the show for several months. Learning about PickleShark from his good friend, Christopher Bowser and through this sponsorship, Craig recognized the unique services being offered, particularly with its ease of use and stellar customer service, he knew exactly who he would call when he decided to launch his own website.


After a few years of networking, Craig realized that he needed a website to not only legitimize his consultant business but also to have a mechanism to generate leads.

Creating a website would offer all that. He wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Craig built his business from personal networking so it was a natural choice for him to seek a domain name that would leverage name recognition. After a quick search on PickleShark, Craig found that was available and purchased it on the spot.


The main benefits to using PickleShark for domain registration for Craig was the ease with which he was able to search and buy the right domain name as well add the privacy features he wanted quickly and without hassle. The tools that PickleShark offers as well as its competitive pricing are nothing compared to the customer service they provide. It’s that dedication to customer satisfaction that made Craig’s choice so easy.

“Running a business and producing a weekly podcast leaves little time for mucking about trying to register a domain name and set up a “Who.Is” privacy solution. So, believe me when I tell you it took just a few minutes on PickleShark to search, find and purchase my domain name. Their tools made it effortless to set-up and configure DNS, and name registration.”  


Craig B. Clawson,
Consultant and Podcast Co-Host & Producer

6pod4 celebrated their one-year anniversary in October and PickleShark was thrilled to have been a sponsor of the show!  


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